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Welcome to my blog, better known to me as one of my most cherished creative outlets and the public baring of my soul via photos and testimony of what's new in my life. 

I'm a Georgia Peach, Golden Bear, vegetarian and animal lover, avid reader, believer in the subliminal power of language and oration, self-taught art patron, San Francisco resident and the city's biggest fan, cat momma to Stella, happy girlfriend, lover of hikes and seeker of views, hydrophilic, heliophilic, and an adanced Scuba diver. I've never encountered a cookie I didn't like.

I'm focusing on what's most important to me and how I can best live my life in harmony and support of what I value. For me, one of the most important tenants by which to live is to be open: open to experience, open to ideas, open to learning. That's one of the reasons behind my decision to take time for myself and travel- I want to be open enough with myself to honor and persue my own goals. 

More than anything, I'm searching for the magic in small things. Transcendental moments can happen anywhere if you choose to notice them. It's all in the details.