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A city of gorgeousness

and a surprising number of friends

Sydney is just about as far away from San Francisco as you can possibly get but the two cities share a remarkable number of similarities. Almost every activity I did or place I went has its parallel across the Pacific Ocean. The physical similarities coupled with a surprising number of SF friends I met up with in Sydney begged the question, can you really click your heels three times and come home?

Well, I'm a long way from SF but the subtle plucking at my heartstrings didn't detract from my immense enjoyment of this wonderful city. I spent most of my time outside taking in the sights and flourishing in the 65-degree weather.... and breaking in my new hiking boots in preparation for my next trip.

One of the first things we did was head to Observatory Hill park to see the city from a less pictured spot from below the observatory.

From there, we walked down to The Rocks, a cute area for shops and restaurants that's reminiscent of a calmer, newer London. It was Sunday so a lovely weekend market was set up that made the area much more lively than its mellow weekday vibe. I rushed through lunch at a cafe because I could hardly contain my excitement at the prospect of seeing nearby Sydney Harbour. I got a little carried away with the photos here, but it's impossible not to when every moment and slight change of the sun is begging to be captured!

Dain and I took the ferry to Manly, just a quick half-hour trip across the harbour to the city's north. Manly is a sweet surfer and beach town where shoes are entirely optional everywhere except a few upscale bars. Dain and I met up with one of my friends living there now and we walked the beach and grabbed a beer near the water. If Manly town isn't enough to draw you from the city center, then the gorgeous views of the city from the water should.

One of my favorite activities of the trip was the Bondi to Coogee coastal trail walk. We started from famous Bondi Beach, where the cute health food shops and boutiques remind you of Santa Monica. One of the first places you pass as you overlook all of the surfers battling the rough current is the Bondi Icebreakers club swimming pool, which is one of many saltwater pools you'll see on the walk. 

Bondi Icebreakers Club, Sydney, Australia

The entire walk is nothing but spectacular ocean views from the cliff side, stunning bungalows, manicured public parks and green spaces, and beach after beach after beach. 

Rounding off our very short trip Down Under was a lovely walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which again had spectacular views of the cityscape. I hope you're not tired of the landscape by now, because I'm definitely not.

To cap off a perfectly lovely stay, a night out and a sunset stroll with good friends. This is starting to look a lot like SF...

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